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Elevate Your Cloud Security

Uncover Potential Risks with Our Expert Security Assessment

How Our AWS Security Assessment Helps You

Our AWS Security Assessment uses a thorough multi-framework methodology to assess your AWS security posture extensively. We provide specific recommendations to strengthen your cloud security by comparing current security procedures to a broad range of industry standards.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Security Checks: We conduct a thorough review of your AWS security, identifying key improvement areas and delivering a customised suggestions report. Our objective is to leverage various frameworks to recommend enhancements, aiming to strengthen your cloud security.
  • Multi-Framework Approach: Our assessment spans a wide range of industry standards, including CIS, NIST, CISA, RBI, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, GXP, AWS’s security best practices, and more. This approach guarantees a comprehensive analysis, offering actionable insights to enhance your cloud's security posture.

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Why Choose Our AWS Security Assessment?

  • Expert-Led Insights: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned AWS security professionals. Our assessment includes a live consultation with an AWS expert, offering you personalised insights and clarifications on your security posture and our recommendations.
  • Quick and Actionable Results: Our assessment delivers prompt, actionable results, enabling you to quickly understand your security status and make informed decisions on how to improve it.
  • Prioritised Recommendations: Security improvement can be overwhelming, given the myriad of possible actions. We prioritise our recommendations, focusing on critical controls and secure configurations specific to AWS. This approach helps you tackle the most impactful issues first, streamlining your path to enhanced security.
  • Multi-Framework Advantage: Unlike assessments that stick to a single standard, our multi-framework approach ensures a holistic review of your security measures.
  • Strategic Security Enhancement: Beyond identifying vulnerabilities, our assessment aims to empower you with strategies for long-term security enhancement. We provide guidance on aligning your security measures with best practices and regulatory requirements, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is robust, compliant, and resilient against threats.

How It Works:

  • Scan and Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive scan of your infrastructure and complete the assessment report within 10 working days.
  • Detailed Report: The report showcases your AWS security status, highlighting failed checks with matching compliance rules. It includes a recommendation section for issue remediation and an overall summary of check results.
  • Expert Consultation: A 45-minute session with an AWS expert is included to present and explain the findings of the assessment.


  • Gap Identification: Recognise gaps in your AWS environment concerning security best practices.
  • Guided Actions: Receive actionable recommendations to fill those gaps and establish a more secure cloud environment.
  • Comprehensive Report: Gain a detailed report summarising the findings of our assessment, providing a clear understanding of your AWS security posture, identified gaps, and actionable recommendations for strengthening your cloud environment.

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