PayParc AWS Project

PayParc Platform is a new and innovative way to help any travel company pay and receive payments instantly
and automatically via e-wallets while saving significant costs.


  • Managing everything at once.

  • It’s not easy to do everything at once. Creating a powerful platform takes considerable effort. On the other hand, your infrastructure also needs to be scalable, resilient, cost-efficient and secure.

  • Instead of spending valuable time developing their infrastructure (leaving less time to focus on creating their fantastic product), PayParc partnered with Bion. This partnership allowed PayParc to focus on their platform while we built their AWS Cloud infrastructure.


Optimising B2B payments for the travel industry

PayParc is a new and innovative fintech-startup that helps travel companies pay and receive payments instantly and automatically via
e-wallets while saving significant costs.


  • The most suitable environment for their platform. 

  • We worked closely with PayParc’s technology teams and developers to understand their needs.

  • After working with them and analysing their environment, we modified it using AWS best practices for the production platform, fulfilling their continuous desire to be the best.

  • We’ve used Terragrunt/Terraform for all the development and improvements, keeping the importance of “as-code” in mind.

  • Everything starts with VPC. We’ve created multiple subnets for the public, private, database, Elasticache workloads and VPN, narrowing down access to the just necessary ones. Nothing is publicly available!

  • PayParc uses containerised workloads, and to give them the most comfortable Kubernetes experience, we’ve created an AWS EKS cluster configured with the data is encrypted both at rest and transit and using AWS Auto Scaling supporting the application scale up. They have offloaded the critical task of administering Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates to the AWS Certificate Manager.

  • We’ve deployed PayParc’s primary database using AWS RDS across multiple availability zones to create high-availability, so they will never have to deal with the overhead of management.

  • Creating an Elasticache cluster spread to multiple availability zones using AWS Elasticache service helped make the platform resilient.

  • PayParc decided to use GitLab for the code repository and pipelines. We’ve configured dynamic GitLab-runners on the Kubernetes cluster, so they do not have to deal with the spinning up servers to make the application builds and tests.

  • Observability is the key factor to make you feel secure and confident that your services are working well. We’ve used AWS CloudWatch to handle all of the infrastructure logging and with minimal effort from their team.


  • Fast, Secure, Easy to Manage Environment.

  • We’ve delivered the work, created the documentation and trained the necessary staff on the customer side. The platform works as expected, with the highest possible security. All the best practices have been implemented.
  • As desired, PayParc focuses on its platform and does not have to consider its environment’s security and management.

Calin Rada
CTO | PayParc

At PayParc, security comes first. We entrusted Bion to build our AWS production environment, and they did it most professionally, respecting our deadline and budget. What I also appreciated at Bion is their flexibility and availability to help small out-of-the-scope tasks. We are definitely going to collaborate with them in the future, as they comply with our values.

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