Free Kubernetes Security Audit

Understand about your Kubernetes clusters' and containerised applications' security posture and learn how to fix them.

With our free audit, we'll deliver a tailored made report about the improvements for securing your Kubernetes and applications.

How our free Kubernetes Security Audit helps you

As more and more organisations continue to expand the usage of containerised applications, because of its vast benefits, Kubernetes has become a de facto platform. Nowadays Kubernetes clusters are being deployed more widely in production environments. However, it brings operational complexity and security threats with it while leveraging its advantages, and detecting and addressing these threats is so important but also challenging at the same time.

After submitting the form, we will contact you and have a chat about the audit process, which includes the following list. At the end of the audit, we will generate a report for the findings and discuss further how we can improve your clusters' security posture.

  • Dockerfile security and best practices check
  • Docker image scanning
  • Kubernetes application manifest security check
  • Kubernetes cluster security benchmark
  • Kubernetes auditing check

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