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The customer is a regulatory body that works to ensure that charities in England and Wales are effectively regulated and operate in the public interest. The customer's core responsibility is to register and regulate charities in England and Wales, ensuring that they meet legal requirements and are accountable to the public.

The customer plays a critical role in maintaining public trust and confidence in the charitable sector through their work. They support the sector by providing guidance, advice, and tools to help charities operate effectively and meet their legal obligations. Additionally, the customer works to prevent abuse and fraud within the sector, protecting the public and ensuring that charitable resources are used for their intended purposes.

Overall, the customer's work is essential to the functioning of the charitable sector in England and Wales. Their efforts help ensure that charities can operate effectively and that the public can confidently support them.



The client was running their Dockerized workloads on AWS EC2 instances. They were using an Application Load Balancer to route their traffic.


The client's success depends on;

  • Low latency between the workloads and running the workloads on the Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Ability to failover between application workloads to maintain the service running in case of any connectivity issues between workloads Other Challenges;
  • Moving data from one cloud provider to another while ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime.
  • Ensuring that the new Azure infrastructure was optimized for the client's needs.
  • Managing the cost of the migration and ensuring that it did not exceed the budget.


To maintain all these listed above, our team;

  • Transferred the workloads into the Local-zone(s) that are chosen close to the data centers. (Latency)

  • We developed a migration plan that involved minimizing downtime by transferring data in stages rather than all at once.
  • We worked with the client to determine the optimal Azure infrastructure based on their specific needs and requirements.
  • We provided cost optimization advice and helped the client take advantage of Azure pricing models, such as reserved instances, to reduce costs.
  • We provided them with DevOps support during migrating and creating the Kubernetes Manifest files.
  • We provided new deployment strategies to eliminate downtime on the new deployments.
  • We provided them with Application Support for their CRM tools.


No Interruption

The migration was completed with minimal downtime, allowing the client to continue operations without interruption.

Increased Performance

The new Azure infrastructure was optimized for the client's needs, resulting in increased performance and cost savings.

Managable Budget

The client was able to stay within their budget for the migration and saw a reduction in their overall cloud costs.

Technology Stack

Azure Kubernetes Service - Application Gateway - Azure SQL Database - Azure Container Registry - Azure DevOps

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