Kubernetes Enablement

Manage and deploy containerised applications in a better way

Orchestrating containers shouldn't be complicated

You don't have the skill set required to adopt containerisation and orchestration. Bion brings you the necessary expertise to move further into the Kubernetes world. Now your services are highly available and self-healing.

What We Offer

migrate your applications into a containerised environment or implement Kubernetes, whether on-premise or on the cloud. Our Kubernetes-certified engineers provide end-to-end solutions, from writing your Dockerfiles to production release using a secure CI/CD pipeline with zero-downtime deployments.



We apply best practices to create or review your Dockerfiles so you can write your applications once and run everywhere with security, stability, flexibility and consistency.

018-software development

Kubernetes Application Development

To be able to design, build, configure and expose your applications in a cloud-native manner, our engineers develop helm charts or "kustomize" templates for Kubernetes.


Kubernetes Migration

We build highly-available, secure, scalable and optimised Kubernetes clusters depending on your workload requirements and migrate your containerised applications.

Free Kubernetes Security Audit

Understand about your Kubernetes cluster's and containerised applications' security posture and learn how to fix them.

With our free audit, we'll deliver a tailored made report about the improvements for securing your Kubernetes and applications.

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