Kubernetes Security Services

Operating Kubernetes platforms and container-based applications safely

You should worry about your Kubernetes security!

You don't want to suffer from security incidents with your containers and Kubernetes environments. We help you secure your applications and Kubernetes clusters in all three phases: build, deploy and runtime. Now you are protected from all known vulnerabilities.

Why is Kubernetes Security important?

In recent years, containers and Kubernetes have become a more popular choice for many organisations. But along with the numerous benefits they provide, they bring new challenges as well. As more containers are deployed to clusters, maintaining visibility and ensuring security becomes more difficult. Using containerised applications gives us the ability to create more complex architectures in an easier way. On the other hand, it creates new security threats that must be addressed.

Since Kubernetes is tied to different components, each component has its own security risks and needs to be checked and secured during build, deployment and runtime.


Security and Compliance challenges are the top concern

According to the fall 2020 edition of the "State of Container and Kubernetes Security" report, 90% of survey respondents had experienced a security incident in their container and Kubernetes environments over the last 12 months.


Kubernetes Attack Vendors

Infrastructure/Cloud Security

If the infrastructure layer is vulnerable, then everything is at risk. Security starts with the infrastructure, physical networks and operating systems.

Cluster Security

By accessing the API server or kubelet, attackers can disrupt applications and gain access to secrets, resources or containers.

Container Security

Using insecure container images and allowing privileged users or service accounts can expose your applications or nodes so attackers can gain unauthorised access.

Application Security

Having vulnerable dependencies in your application, exposing unwanted ports, and most importantly, not integrating security into application pipeline can create security issues

Free Kubernetes Security Audit

Understand about your Kubernetes cluster's and containerised applications' security posture and learn how to fix them.

With our free audit, we'll deliver a tailored made report about the improvements for securing your Kubernetes and applications.

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Don’t rely on Kubernetes default built-in Security Measures

Even though Kubernetes has many built-in security features to help you protect against many threats, this is not enough. Using default values or having a misconfiguration may allow attackers to sneak into your environment.

How can we help?

Bion’s Kubernetes-certified engineers will support you with enabling end-to-end security within your Kubernetes clusters. From infrastructure to running workloads, through build, deploy and runtime phases, we will ensure all the best practices and improvements are applied.

Kubernetes Security Practices Used

  • Cluster hardening
  • Design and implement RBAC
  • Disallow privileged users
  • Application secrets management
  • Secure CI/CD
  • Image vulnerability scanning
  • Network policies
  • Pod security policies
  • Secure Ingress
  • CIS benchmark
  • Observability
  • Runtime container security

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