Problem-solving is our business. Observability is New Relic's.
When we bring that together, we can solve your software problems, uncover user experience challenges,
and improve business outcomes.

Why New Relic?

Find, fix, and prevent are the promises of software monitoring. But what happens when costly solutions stop you from instrumenting everything?

When an application, infrastructure, and end-user performance data is scattered across disconnected monitoring tools, troubleshooting can be needlessly complex and time-consuming.

Use the power of New Relic, a massively scalable observability platform that collects and contextualizes all operational data - from any source -  to help your organization having a reliable software and infrastructure.


New Relic Use Cases

Full-Stack Observability

Easily monitor your software and infrastructure stack with purpose-built visualizations specific to areas of your business.

  • Instrument Everything to eliminate blind spots
  • Observe Everything with full-stack visibility
  • Everything you need to quickly detect and resolve problems
  • Easy to manage usage-based billing

Troubleshoot Faster

  • Reduce MTTx and mitigate blind spots with immediate context across the full stack
  • A purpose-built platform to help teams understand the health of and dependencies within software and infrastructure components

Debug with Precision

Improve Customer Experience

  • Code-level visibility of stack traces and error details
  • Quickly understand the issue, trace its impact throughout the stack, and resolve it
  • Understand how every single component impact customer experience
  • Measure frontend and server-side performance for your entire user journey
  • Troubleshoot your full-stack

Migrate and Adopt Cloud with Confidence

Implement a Better DevOps Culture

  • Have no surprises migrating with getting full visibility into system components
  • Observe microservice architecture performance in real-time
  • Easily adopt new cloud services with no hassle
  • Optimize under utilised resources
  • Clearly understand the impact of deploys on performance and customer experience
  • Create the ideal balance between deployment frequency and performance
  • Minimize effort to identify cause of degradations

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