Automate, secure and govern your Database pipeline with Database DevOps platform.
DBmaestro is a self-service tool for DevOps teams to automate, secure, and govern Database CI/CD pipelines.

Bring DevOps best practices into the world of databases!

Why DBmaestro?

Database automation refers to the use of software tools, practices and technologies to streamline and automate the management of databases.  DBmaestro bridges the gap between DevOps and the database by bringing repeatable, automated delivery.

DBmaestro accelerates your release pipeline by ensuring successful, seamless and audited high-quality releases every single time. 

DBmaestro automates database security, compliance, and governance by enforcing organizational policies, managing roles and permissions, and fulfilling compliance regulations, all while creating a fully detailed audit trail of all activities.

database pipeline

DBmaestro Use Cases

Database Release Automation

Database Source Control

Database Security and Compliance

  • Static code analysis
  • Dynamic dry-run tests
  • Prevent and manage configuration drifts
  • DevOps metrics and reports
  • Database Continuous Integration
  • Keep a detailed history of all database changes
  • Automate migration code creation
  • Minimize errors and time- consuming rework
  • Database Version Control
  • Enforce and manage policies and compliance standards
  • Automatically create a complete audit trail for database changes
  • Role-based access and delivery to fortify and secure your databases

DBmaestro Benefits

  • Enable self-service CI/CD for your database. Release 10x faster while improving quality with smart automation for your database. Accelerate feedback loops between developers and DBAs to save time and eliminate costly rework.
  • Empower team collaboration with source control. Extend coding best practices to your database, while facilitating collaboration and accelerating release velocity. Maintain a single source of truth for all database changes.
  • Automate database security, compliance, and governance. Ensure your database is secure with role-based access and delivery. Manage and enforce organizational policies and standards. Audit database changes to guarantee compliance with regulations such as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and HIPAA.
  • DBmaestro supported database are Oracle, MSSQL, Postgresql, MySql, MariaDB, SnowFlake, AWS RDS, IBM DB2 and more.
database pipeline

DBmaestro benefits multiple teams in your organization

DevOps Teams: Automate and accelerate database releases while mitigating risks and seamlessly integrating database CI/CD into your DevOps toolchain

Database Teams: Reduce manual work and automate code reviews to save time and improve quality

Devs & Architects: Build, test, deploy and verify database schema migrations, accelerate feedback loops and boost cross-team collaboration (self-service)


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