Opt for a seamless and optimised migration from Datadog to New Relic with us, leveraging our platinum partnership
and expertise from certified engineers. Benefit from New Relic's easy-to-install, application-centric platform for comprehensive observability, minimal disruption, and enhanced business performance.

Why Choose Us for Your Migration?

If you're considering transitioning from your current Datadog solution to the robust New Relic platform, you're in the right place. As a platinum New Relic Services Partner, we are committed to delivering a smooth and efficient migration process tailored to your specific needs. Our team, comprised of engineers fully certified in New Relic technologies and backed by the expertise of New Relic professionals, ensures that your transition is not only hassle-free but optimized for success.

  • Expertise: Our engineers are fully certified in New Relic technologies, ensuring a deep understanding of the platform.
  • Seamless Transition: We guarantee a smooth migration process, minimizing disruption to your operations.
  • Optimised Performance: With our support and technical advice, your transition to New Relic will be optimized for maximum performance.
  • Comprehensive Observability: New Relic's platform offers a complete end-to-end observability solution, including APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Logging, Availability Testing, Front-End Testing (Synthetics), RUM/Browser, and Distributed Tracing

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New Relic Key Benefits

  • Ease of Installation: Datadog’s APM offering requires their infrastructure agent to be leveraged, and then installing the APM agent via script on top of that. New Relic’s agent is stand-alone, easy to deploy and can be configured to include distributed tracing and application logging in context without the need to manually correlate the telemetry sources.
  • Application-First End-To-End Observability: New Relic is application-centric, meaning that it derives insight from the application and assigns context to telemetry from the application layer. DataDog being an infrastructure-first technology means that their APM agents are not as full-bodied and generally require other tools and/or costs to implement.
  • Automatic Context: New Relic APM provides automatic context-mapping for application logs, transaction traces, database queries, external services, and even front-end performance. DataDog relies on manual mapping and tagging to accomplish fluidity within the platform.
  • Flexibility: New Relic offers various ways to send telemetry: Agents, on-host and cloud integrations APIs, Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and the list goes on. New Relic also includes the Flex Integration, which allows consumers of the platform to collect data from any service or device on a host. All of this data is treated as first-party in New Relic and is directly accessible from the UI and API to build dashboards, visualizations, and alerts.

How It Works

Discovery & Assessment: We compile a detailed Asset Inventory, identify telemetry sources, and review application dependencies to thoroughly understand your current setup.

Migration Planning: Prioritise critical workloads, assess alerts, and replicate key dashboards to plan your migration strategically.

Migration&Deployment: Configure your New Relic account, install agents, replicate dashboards, and ensure seamless correlation of Service Maps.

Optimisation&Expansion: Run parallel monitoring, validate insights, and safely retire Datadog’s APM usage for an optimized and expanded observability experience.

Enhance Your Observability: Migrate to New Relic Today!

If you're seeking to elevate your observability, it's time to transition from Datadog to New Relic. We're here to guarantee a seamless migration and deliver an advanced monitoring solution.

By making the move to New Relic, you can boost your monitoring capabilities with a suite of cutting-edge tools. New Relic offers a comprehensive set of features for in-depth observability, including real-time performance monitoring, analytics, and reporting.

We understand the importance of a smooth transition. Our expert team will collaborate closely with you, handling all technical aspects of the migration from Datadog to New Relic. Focus on reaping the benefits of your upgraded observability experience, and let us take care of the rest. Make the shift to New Relic today!

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