Bion partnership with Palo Alto Networks allows us to offer a prevention-focused architecture and management of the security and governance needs. As we provide security services for AWS and Kubernetes, also DevSecOps services for our customers, we wanted to partner with Palo Alto and use Prisma™ Cloud for an end-to-end complete security solution.

Why Prisma Cloud?

Prisma Cloud is the first and only Cloud-Native Security Platform that delivers full lifecycle security and full-stack protection for multi- and hybrid-cloud environments.

Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive security platform covering all security and compliance needs for applications. data and cloud-native technology stack throughout the software development lifecycle. 

Prisma Cloud helps to adopt DevSecOps practices across the entire application lifecycle and help you build secure and compliant cloud-native applications


Prisma Cloud Use Cases

Cloud Security Posture Management

  • Visibility, compliance, and governance
    » Cloud asset inventory » Configuration assessment (runtime)
    » Compliance monitoring and reporting
    » Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) configuration scans
    (IDE, SCM, and CI/CD)
  • Threat detection
    » User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA)
    » API-based network traffic visibility, analytics, and anomaly detection
    » Automated investigation and response
  • Data security (AWS® support only)
    » Data classification
    » Malware scanning
    » Data governance

Cloud Workload Protection

  • Host Security 
    » Vulnerability management 
    » Runtime security 
    » Compliance management 
    » Access control 
  • Container Security 
    » Vulnerability management 
    » Runtime security 
    » Compliance management 
    » Access control » Git repository scanning 
  • Serverless Security 
    » Vulnerability management 
    » Runtime security 
    » Compliance management 
    » Access control 
  • Web Application and API Security 
    » OWASP Top 10 protection 
    » API protection

Cloud Network Security

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

  • Network visibility and anomaly detection
  • Identity-based microsegmentation 
  • Cloud native firewalling
  • Permissions visibility
  • IAM governance
  • Automated response
  • User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA)

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