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Improve your security at every stage of your growth
with the leader in automated security compliance.

Looking for help to get compliant?

Traditional ways to get certified:

  • Take months and require tons of manual work
  • Cost you a fortune
  • Complex and resource consuming
  • Require repetitive work


Bion Consulting-Vanta

A new approach to compliance and security helps you avoid all these; Vanta!

As part of our service partnership with Vanta, we offer a fast and automated way to get compliant and build improved security programs.

Vanta Cerificated Service Partner

What We Offer?


Fastest Audit

Fastest and most efficient path to audit.

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Automating up to 90% of the whole process; saves you countless hours or resources.



Continuous testing and monitoring to keep your business compliant.


Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts to issues.



Step by step list of “what you need” and “how to”.

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Customisable controls and templates.



Easy integrations with your tech stack.

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Hands-on guidance and support.


End-to-end Compliance

End-to-end compliance implementation with experienced auditors.


Audit Readiness

Effortless audit readiness.

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Post-audit Support

Post-audit support to keep your business secure for future audits.

What Else?

Seamless Audit

Vanta platform provides you with all these and gets you ready for the audit. But you still have to hire an auditor to get certified. 

Vanta offers the Seamless Audit bundle to provide the industry’s most seamless audit experience!

Seamless Audit  = Vanta Platform + Vanta-vetted Auditor
  • Five-star auditors
  • Auditors with Vanta expertise and knowledge
  • No need to spend hours looking for an auditor
  • One good price for all

Trust Reports

Vanta Trust Reports give you the ability to demonstrate your company’s security posture and build trust in your business. 

When your customer or a prospect asks for any security-related information, now you can avoid repetitive tasks like; collecting evidence, filling out reports and providing proofs by using the great features that come with the Vanta Trust Reports.
  • Save time and resources.
  • Response on time and do not miss the sales opportunities
  • Emphasize your commitment to security proactively

The new way of security

  • Automated security compliance approach
  • Getting your certification is much faster (up to 90%)
  • Cost-effective solution (up to 75% less cost)
  • The full process takes 3-6 months with Vanta instead of 6-15 months
  • SOC 2 (type 1 and 2), ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR

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