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Improve your security at every stage of your growth with the leader in automated security compliance.
Vanta helps you establish the practices required to mitigate risks to user data and privacy and maintain trust in your brand.

Once you get compliant, you can count on staying that way!

Why Vanta?

Vanta provides the fastest path to security compliance certification, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work while reducing the complexity/costs associated with the audit process.
Vanta helps you go beyond the point-in-time compliance audit by continuously monitoring your systems to ensure proper security configuration, access, and controls are set.
Vanta has become the most trusted platform in automated security due to their [Vanta's] experience successfully guiding thousands of customers through their security audit.
Vanta Cerificated Service Partner


Vanta Use Cases

Minimize risk and maximize trust

Every single day the number and complexity of security threats are growing. Vanta minimizes risk to your business with the following:

  • Once you become compliant, you stay compliant with continuous monitoring
  • Real-time alerts for the issues as soon as arise
  • Track provisioning and de-provisioning with centralized access management
  • Keep your data secure

The new way of security

  • Automated security compliance approach
  • Getting your certification is much faster (up to 90%)
  • Cost-effective solution (up to 75% less cost)
  • Cost-effective solution (up to 75% less cost)
  • Full process takes 3-6 months with Vanta instead of 6-15 months
  • SOC 2 (type 1 and 2), ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR

Security you can demonstrate using Vanta Trust Reports

Vanta Trust Reports are the fastest and most transparent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to security.

  • Build trust proactively
  • Speed up security reviews
  • Avoid surprise deal blockers

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