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AWS Cloud, Kubernetes, DevSecOps & DevOps Consultancy
With our 15+ years of experience, we believe that knowledge grows with sharing.
We aim to be an essential pathfinder for you.

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We are an engineering-led fully hands-on Cloud, DevOps, DevSecOps and Kubernetes consultancy based in London that is genuinely excited about building and delivering ground-breaking solutions to our customers.

All of our highly experienced and certified engineers bring the knowledge and expertise needed to adopt and accelerate your Cloud and DevOps transformations with the right technology and solutions. We offer services in key areas of Cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps and DevSecOps by using best-of-breed technology and tooling. With solutions focused on architecting, building, securing and operating cloud-native applications, we help our customers across all industries to transform their potential into reality.

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What Our Customers Say

Craig Greenhouse
CTO - CSG Solutions

I would thoroughly recommend Bion Consulting. I worked with Bion’s engineers to fulfil a challenging DevOps project. The brief was to specify the systems as “Everything as Code”. In a stressful and time-pressured environment, they were passionate about solving problems and always delivered quality, working solutions on time.

Gabriele Cacciola
Co-founder&CTO - Ocyan

We have worked with Bion on one of our client’s projects. Bion’s tremendous level of expertise in AWS helped us deliver the project in time and budget. Their professionality, high technical skills, and customer obsession will make us work with them in our future projects.

Mehmet Sinan Toktay
Co-founder&CTO - Insider

We needed automation for our AWS infrastructure provisioning, and therefore we worked with Bion. The work delivered by Bion was phenomenal, and we are absolutely impressed with it. Bion’s technical depth, profession and expertise were top notch. With their help, we could scale our business applications in multiple regions without any hassle.

Ivan Blesa
Head of Product - Noble

Bion's AWS, Kubernetes and general DevOps knowledge and experience have been pivotal to the successful delivery of our cybersecurity product. The value we got from their consultancy was priceless both from an execution and strategic perspective.

Calin Rada
CTO - PayParc

At PayParc, security comes first. We entrusted Bion to build our AWS production environment, and they did it most professionally, respecting our deadline and budget. What I also appreciated at Bion is their flexibility and availability to help small out-of-the-scope tasks. We are definitely going to collaborate with them in the future, as they comply with our values.

James Barker
CTO - Moteefe

If you are in urgent need of experienced DevOps engineers to augment your team then I highly recommend Bion. They were able to come in and get up to speed on our projects really quickly and also took on the responsibility of onboarding new team members as we expanded. A great service and really nice people to deal with.

Cloud Computing AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
Infra Automation Ansible, Packer, Terraform, Puppet, CloudFormation, Atlantis, Vagrant, AWS Systems Manager
Orchestration Kubernetes, Helm, Docker Swarm, AWS ECS, Rancher, AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Containerisation Docker, Podman
CI/CD Jenkins, Jenkins-X, ArgoCD, CircleCI, TeamCity, Bitbucket Pipeline, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, Azure DevOps, Octopus Deploy
Log management, monitoring, and alerting AWS CloudWatch, ELK Stack (Elastic Stack), New Relic, SolarWinds, Sentry, Nagios, Datadog, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Sysdig, Stackdriver, Instana, Humio, Fluentd, PagerDuty, Opsgenie
Team collaboration JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Asana, MS Teams, Trello, Miro
Source control Artifactory, Nexus, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket
Programming languages Bash, HCL, YAML, Python, Go, Groovy, Node.js, Microsoft Powershell
Security AWS WAF, AWS Security Hub, AWS Config, AWS GuardDuty, Prisma Cloud, CloudFlare, Synk, Falcon, pfSense, Anchore, Trivy
Orchestration Kubernetes, Helm, Docker Swarm, AWS ECS, Rancher, AWS Elastic Beanstalk