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Our client offers an innovative location analytics platform that combines advanced geospatial analytics with intuitive user experiences.

The platform empowers users to create interactive maps, perform spatial analysis, and seamlessly integrate data from various sources.
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  • The database inside the AWS environment should successfully sync with the on-premise side database.
  • Cost optimisations should apply successfully works inside the new AWS accounts VPC.
  • Prod and test environments were using the same AWS account before. After the account separation process, the customer has two accounts; prod and staging.
  • All environments are managed via Terraform/Terragrunt structure.
  • Elastic Beanstalk scaling was not responsive enough.


  • After the load tests according to different AWS environments, the scaling thresholds were adjusted again.

  • Switched to RDS Aurora Serverlessv2 to reduce RDS cost.

  • When the project was first started, development and production environments were in the same AWS account. These accounts have been separated.

  • The IaC code has been restructured according to the new account structure.

  • For the database sync operation, site-to-site VPN and virtual private gateway are used.



Environment Separation

Production and development environments move to separate accounts.

Scaling More Accurately

Changed Elastic Beanstalk scaling thresholds to scale more accurately according to received traffic.

AWS Cost Reduction

To decrease AWS cost started using RDS Aurora ServerlessV2 for the test and prod environment.

Eliminating Manual Processes

To eliminate manual processes on the Amazon console, terraform/terragrunt was used for infrastructure as code.

Technology Stack

AWS VPC - Virtual Private Gateway - Elastic Beanstalk - RDS Aurora - KMS - Parameter Store - WAF - ACM - ECR
Terraform - Terragrunt

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