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The client, a leading fintech company, provides financial trading and analytics solutions to clients around the world. The company's mission is to provide its clients with the tools and technology they need to make informed decisions about their investments.

The company understands that in today's fast-paced financial markets, speed and accuracy are critical to success. To ensure that its clients have access to the most up-to-date information and can execute trades quickly and efficiently, the client wanted to focus on low latency with building a robust, high-performance infrastructure. 


  • Two different AWS accounts have different workloads. Some of these workloads are shared between these two accounts.
  • More than one AWS region is in use.
  • Other partners also run workloads on AWS, and they need to establish a path to exchange data with our client.

    The client's success depends on the following;
  • Low latency between the workloads running on AWS and the data centres.
  • Ability to failover between different paths to maintain the service running in case of any connectivity issues between AWS and their data centres.
  • Ability to exchange data cross-account, cross-region.
  • Ability to exchange data with partners.
  • Ability to exchange data between the client's AWS accounts.


To maintain all these listed above, our team;

  • Transferred the workloads into the Local-zone(s) that are chosen close to the data centres. (Latency)

  • Set up and configured the routes with the data centers. These routes are established over a DirectConnect Gateway. (Latency)

  • Set up and configured the routes with the partners. These routes are established over a DirectConnect connection or by sending an association request to the partner's AWS resource. (Latency, Data exchange)

  • Set up and configure the routes between the client's AWS accounts. Transit gateways and Transit Gateway cross-account/region peering features are used to achieve this connectivity. (Data exchange, Failover/Backup route)

  • Routes are configured in a way to provide a failover mechanism such as; one of the data centres, which is mainly in use with one of the client's accounts, can be accessed from the other client account in case of any connection failure. (Failover/Backup route).




Latency Improvement

The latency between the workloads deployed on the Local Zone and the clients/data centres went down from 25 milliseconds to 2.5 milliseconds!


High Availability

The service was up and running smoothly even when there was an outage with AWS Direct Connect!

Technology Stack

AWS VPC - DirectConnect - Transit Gateway - Virtual Private Gateway - Application Load Balancer - EC2 - RDS

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