Migration of RDS Instances to Graviton Architecture

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The client has;
  • Micro-services running on AWS ECS Fargate
  • RDS MySQL instances for each micro-service
The client's main concerns were;
  • To get better performance from RDS instances in terms of MySQL query operations
  • To reduce the cost of RDS instances


  • In order to use Graviton for RDS MySQL instances, running MySQL version should be at least version 8. Therefore, our team upgraded the MySQL version of the instances from 5 to 8 first.
  • In order to operate the migration with minimum downtime, our team got the advantage of the RDS Blue/Green Deployments feature.

With RDS Blue/Green deployments,

  • We first created a Green environment from the existing RDS instances, including read replicas.
  • Then we changed the RDS instance type to Graviton equivalent in the Green environment.
  • And we completed the switch operation with minimum downtime, which is less than 1 minute!
Graviton2- T4G



All RDS instances have been moved to Graviton type.

019-progress chart

Lower Resource Utilisation

As checked in the metrics, RDS instances perform better, and resource utilisation has decreased.

032-money loss

Cost Saving

The customer has the option to downgrade the RDS instance types for cost-saving purposes.

Technology Stack

AWS RDS - Graviton - AWS CloudWatch

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